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‘Sex wasn't fantastic but I just put it down to the fact that like many mothers of young children, I was usually shattered.' Indeed, she quickly met and married Daniel, who managed a chain of restaurants, and soon became pregnant with her youngest daughter.Within two years, at the age of 27, Beverli was a divorcee for the second time, and attributed the break-up to the stresses caused by her burgeoning career as a City business analyst and the fact she earned far more than her husband.Beverli was certainly fearful of how her own children would react.

Ironically, her relationship with Emma lasted just 18 months and she has failed to find lasting love since.

As the new research reveals, mothers understandably agonise about the reaction of their children if their sexuality begins to waver.

Christian Moran, who conducted the studies at the Southern Connecticut State University, found that many women initially go through what is effectively psychological trauma as they try to reconcile their loyalties to their families with their attraction to other women.

High-profile examples include Sex And The City actress Cynthia Nixon, now 43, who began a relationship with Christine Marinoni in 2004.

The findings raise fascinating questions over the long-held belief that sexual preferences may be partly genetic and are fixed early in life.

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I don't think I stopped crying for three days.' Lynn, a credit control manager in a bank, was 36 and had been married to Colin for 16 years when she jettisoned everything to live with Emma, a younger colleague.

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