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Described by the Guardian as a collection of Lisa explains.Long periods of frustration, homesickness and writers block dogged the process.

She begins a tale of begging Music Producer Aoife Woodlock to let her and Tour Manager Una Molloy in to the packed church to see Elbow and it seeming completely impossible until finally “when the doors were closed, Aoife said ‘Okay, follow me! We snuck up the stairs and crouched down with our faces pressed up in between the bannisters on the balcony like some Victorian prison.Amazing, heavy going vibes and various people would be playing around the place.We’d get the bus out to the Funkhaus which is an old radio station in East Berlin.Myself, The Staves, This Is The Kit and loads of the ladies got together and said ‘Why don’t we sing songs together acapella’. The women’s choir drew material from a wealth of influences and created impeccable sounds including covers of Bon Iver’s 22 (OVER S∞∞N), performances of chants such as ‘De Pacem Domine’ and a choral rendition of Lisa’s own work, best described by The Staves: “We were a group of complete strangers, united by the fact that we could all sing and we created our own sound. Singing Lisa's song, Undertow, was a real highlight - a swelling sea of female voices with her crystal notes floating on top of it all.We're hoping to bring some of the collaborative elements of the Michelberger Music experience to Forbidden Fruit.” – The Staves The work created during the week in Berlin was then performed for festival attendees in various areas deep in the labryinthine Funkhaus complex. So much creativity it was almost overwhelming and I think it’ll take a long time to distil it.” Since playing the first year of the show, Lisa has become part of the Other Voices family.

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As we say goodbye she takes off up the road to catch Jack O’Rourke and friend David Kitt’s gig in the Dingle Brewing Company.

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